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  • Orchard Points - What Are They ?

    The Orchard Points programme rewards customers who shop directly with dvdorchard in providing points that can be redeemed against future purchases.

    The benefits of this programme are:

    • Customers are awarded points for each purchase made, redeemable as consideration for future purchases. Watch out for double and triple point promotions. Redeem points at the rate of 720 points per dollar.
    • Furthermore, each order placed for twelve or more items, receives double points.

    Orchard Points - Features

    1. Definitions - "Points" means "Orchard Points" created under this programme. " Base Points" means "Orchard Points" net of (excluding) bonus points.

    2. Every product on the dvdorchard web site is given a point value to be awarded on purchase. The point value reflects the price of the product and our cost of acquisition. More expensive products that are not heavily discounted attract higher points. Gift Vouchers attract no points as the points are awarded to the person who redeems the voucher instead. Items with prices yet to be confirmed attract no points as we are unable to calculate them without a firm price.

    3. Points are calculated when the order is placed, not when the order is despatched. From time-to-time we may offer bonus points on selected products i.e. double points. If a product attracted bonus points when the order was placed, but the offer expired before the product was despatched, the points credited will be the points applicable when the order was placed.

    4. Points are credited and become available for redemption when the product is despatched.

    5. Your available points can be redeemed and used to pay for part or all of your order.

    6. Points can be redeemed against the value of an order, including price, postage and delivery, at the rate of 720 points per dollar. Points are redeemed during the checkout process. Simply nominate how many points you wish to redeem.

    7. Minimum points - There is no minimum points balance to be able to redeem points.

    8. Points are valid for 12 months from the date of despatch. Points expire if they have not been redeemed within 12 months from the date of despatch.

    9. Your points balance, including credits, reservations, redemptions and expiries can be viewed at any time via the points transactions page.

    10. Cancelled orders – Point redemptions are reversed for fully cancelled orders. Point redemptions for partially cancelled orders can not be reversed.

    Orchard Points - Terms and Conditions

    1. Points can not be exchanged for cash.

    2. Points can not be transferred to another customer.

    3. Points can not be issued or redeemed in conjunction with any other dvdorchard coupon, discount, or offer.

    4. Points may not apply to orders placed via specialist referral web sites where a commission is payable by us for your business. Should you wish to enjoy the benefits of the Orchard Points and Orchard VIP Club programmes, simply use this link to navigate straight to our website - and don't forget to reset your browser Favourites after doing so.

    5. The number of Points applicable to a specific product may change from time to time as a result of changes in the price we pay our supplier for the product, special promotions held by us and/or your Orchard VIP Club status.

    Orchard VIP Club - Features

    The basis of membership of the Orchard VIP Club is:

    1. Earn at least 18,000 base points from delivered purchases over a consecutive 12 month full calendar month period and receive double points for every purchase.

    Orchard VIP Club - Terms and Conditions

    1. Founding membership was awarded to customers who had earned the equivalent of 18,000 base Orchard Points in the twelve months to 9th June 2005.
    2. On the first of each month, base points from delivered purchases earned for the preceeding twelve months are summed. Membership of the Orchard VIP Club will be awarded, or renewed, for those customers who have earned 18,000 base points from delivered purchases in the preceeding twelve months.

    Existing Frequent Buyers Programme

    Frequent Buyer Points were converted to Orchard Points at the rate of 500 Orchard Points for each unused Frequent Buyer Point.

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