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Here are a few pointers to make your use of our site a pleasant experience.

Navigating Around This Website / Accessibility Features

Finding The Products You Want

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Navigating Around This Website / Accessibility Features

 Mouse Navigation and    Keyboard Navigation:

We have designed this website to be as easy to use as possible for the great majority of internet users. If you are unsure of where to start looking for information, or require advice on using the site then this short guide will help.

Our website employs a number of accessibility features as follows:

  • All images have text alternates (ALT attributes).

  • The site has been designed so that the majority of text can be viewed on a variety of screen sizes. It has therefore been necessary to use a medium font size for these pages. If you find it difficult to read the text on these pages your browser may be able to help. The majority of browsers now have the facility to change the size of the text being displayed. In Internet Explorer 5 and above you can do this by selecting View on the browser’s menu bar, followed by Text Size from the menu list provided, then choose the text size that you would prefer. Netscape refers to this as Increasing or Decreasing a font, and is also found in the view menu. For further help on changing the way in which your browser displays website pages refer to the manufacturers Help facility on the browser itself.

  • Pages use flexible formats so they can be automatically resized for different window sizes and screen resolutions.

  • There are two menu bars for your convenience - a top header (duplicated at the bottom also) and a left hand menu. The top header has links to the most used pages. The left hand menu has links to other pages of interest AND a drop-down * Help Menu * under which (click on the arrow to the right hand side of the box to display the menu contents) you will find pages of interest - About Us, Contact Us, Shipping/Delivery etc.

  • Most of the links on our website will display an alternate picture when you move your mouse over them - so you know what you are about to click on.

  • A product search facility is provided on the top menu. On most pages you will find that your cursor automatically defaults to this box. Generally speaking, if you press the enter/return key whilst on our site we will attempt to validate a search term entered in this box.

    You can search for a DVD title by name, by an Actors name, or by a Directors name. Never use words like 'The' and 'A' in your search request - limit your search term to significant word(s). For example - if searching for 'The Italian Job' simply enter the word 'Italian' to be sure you'll get all the available results (different versions etc).

  • Useful particularly for users with disabilities - In some browsers you can use the keyboard to navigate this website.

    Tab Key (supported by most browsers): You can use the tab key to scroll through all the links on a page in turn.

    Access Keys (not supported by all browsers):

    • In IE 4+ / NS 6 / Windows - use the Alt key and the number below,
      followed by enter or return.
    • In IE 5+ / NS 6 / Mac - use the Command key and the number below,
      followed by enter or return.

    Alt +

    Alt +





    Shopping Basket

    Ctrl Home

    go to top of page


    New Releases



    Ctrl End

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    title search




    Access Keys Menu

    Netscape 6 will jump straight to the section when you do a keyboard 'Alt' link.

  • Use of Javascript on this Site

    In order to use some features of this website including the login and checkout pages, you will need to enable JavaScript on your browser.

    JavaScript is used to provide options at the browser end of the communication link. It is used on this website to define cookie settings, enables us to offer a back button on some pages (storing the history of the last page visited), validates the data entered on the forms used on this site, and is used to offer additional features such as Print this Page.

    If your browser is not Javascript enabled then these features will not work, and you may experience difficulties using some aspects of this site.

    It is possible on many browsers to enable Javascript, but this does depend on the browser you are using. We have provided instructions below on how to enable Javascript on Netscape and Internet Explorer, for other browser please refer to the respect help guide provided by the manufacturer.

    Internet Explorer Netscape
    • Click on the tools menu
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on the Security Tab
    • Click on Internet Level
    • Click on Custom Level...
    • Scroll down to Scripting
    • Click on the Active Scripting button 'Enable'
    • Click OK
    • Click OK again
    • Click on the Edit Menu
    • Click on Preferences...
    • Click on the Advanced Text
    • Click on the Enable JavaScript for Navigator button
    • Click OK

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Finding The Products You Want

At dvdorchard we sell DVD Videos, DVD-Audio discs, CDs, Books and a full range of games.

As explained below, there are many different ways to find the specific titles you want. Once you've found the title you want, click on the picture or title of that product and you'll be linked to a page that fully describes the product and allows you to order it by simply clicking the 'Add to Basket' button or save it to your wishlist by clicking the 'Add to Wishlist' button.

Browse Titles Shown On Screen - You'll find our newest and most popular titles shown prominently on many of our pages - Coming Soon, New Releases etc.

Search by DVD Title, Actor/Artist, or Director. Click the option you want to search by and enter the title/person's name into the box provided. This is a text based wildcard search which allows a fair amount of freedom depending on how much you restrict the search by your input.

Browse by Genre - If you want to see what we've got in a specific category (such as comedy or drama or XBOX), pick a category from the "Browse Genres" drop-down menu. You'll be linked to a new page that displays all the titles in that category.


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Loyalty Programme - Orchard Points

dvdorchard has a loyalty programme named Orchard Points. Every product on the website is given a point value to be awarded on purchase. Points can be redeemed against the value of an order, including price, postage and delivery, during the checkout process. You may attain VIP status by accumulating at least 18000 base points in the previous 12 months. Maintain this status and you'll earn double points on all orders placed.

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Recommend A Friend

The hardest part of running an internet business is finding customers, or more particularly, having customers find us - it's tough - basically, there's no shopfront to walk past and wander into. Hence an important part of our business is the goodwill generated by word-of-mouth. We'd like to reward you for telling your friends about us so we've implemented a Find-A-Friend bonus system. You help us and we'll help you.

How does it work ?

You make a purchase from us and tell your friends about your experience.

Your friend creates an account on our site - when they do MAKE SURE you tell them to put your account name (email address) in the "more information" box provided. That way we can link your friend back to you.

Here's the good bit - when your friend makes their first purchase you get a $5 credit applied to your account to offset future purchases.

Conditions - not many but... If the order made is entirely cancelled your $5 bonus will be reversed. The $5 bonus can and will accumulate in the event you recommend multiple purchasers. This programme may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of dvdorchard. Any credits on your account can only be redeemed as dvdorchard purchases. Any abuse of this programme will result in the reversal of any/all credits and cancellation of accounts, once again at the sole discretion of dvdorchard. No correspondence will be entered into.

AND ... the $5 bonus is not paid if the transaction involves any other form of reward, whether that be in the form of a $5 voucher to the customer or commission payment to an Affiliate. Essentially, we can only afford to make one reward payment, not two or three. Precedence goes to (1) customer voucher/coupon quoted at checkout, then (2) Affiliate commission from clickthru transaction and then (3) $5 Recommend A Friend bonus and similar promotions.


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Placing Products in the Shopping Basket

Choosing or Removing Items - To put a product in your shopping basket, click on the caption that says 'Add to Basket'. If you would like to order more than one copy of a title, make an adjustment to the quantity in the shopping basket and click the 'Update Quantities' button. If you're not completely sure you want to purchase a product, you can still put it in the shopping basket and later either delete it (click on the delete item icon) or move it to your wishlist before making a purchase.

Your shopping basket allows you to accumulate products for later purchase. You can check the contents of your shopping basket at anytime by clicking on the 'Shopping Basket' button on the top and bottom menu bars. At any given time you can also see the number of items and total cost in your shopping basket on the left hand menu.


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Placing Products in the Wishlist

Choosing or Removing Items - To put a product in your wishlist, click on the caption that says 'Add to Wishlist'. This information will be stored for as long as you remain a regular customer of dvdorchard. Use the wishlist to remember those favourite dvd's that you just can't buy all at once.

When you decide to buy a product simply click on the 'Add To Basket' option to move the product from your wishlist to your Shopping Basket.

You can also email the contents of your wishlist to a friend or relative - useful when you want to give someone a hint for an upcoming special event like a birthday for example.

You can check the contents of your wishlist at anytime by clicking on the 'Wishlist' button which is on the menu bar towards the top of the page.


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Updating items in your Library

Choosing or Removing Items - To put an item in your library, click on the caption that says 'Add to Library' on a product detals page, or transfer the item from the shopping basket or wishlist. This information will be stored for as long as you remain a regular customer of dvdorchard. Use the wishlist to keep a note of those favourite dvd's or games that you just can't buy all at once.

You may email the contents of your library to a friend or relative.


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Completing Your Order And Checking Out

Checking Out - When you are finished shopping, you can complete your purchase by clicking the 'Go to checkout' button.

If you haven't already done so, you'll be asked to either login if you're a returning customer or establish an account if you're a new customer. To establish an account you'll be asked to enter your email address, select a password, and enter your first and last names.

If it's the first time you are making a purchase you will now need to provide us with billing and delivery address information and phone number contacts.

Once you have an account you simply select from the shipping options available and enter your payment information. After you've entered the required information, click the 'Submit Order' button and you're done. A new screen will appear confirming your order and a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.

Our site is fully secure secure padlock, which means that all information you send to us is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. To learn more about our security procedures, please review the Protecting Your Information section of our Privacy Policy.

Shipping Options - In the Checkout pages you will also have the option of choosing your shipping method (and view the shipping rates for your destination). To learn more about our shipping rates, please see our Shipping Information pages. If your order contains both in-stock and out-of-stock products, you will have the choice of shipping the order when it's complete and all the products are in-stock, or delivering in-stock products immediately and shipping the out-of-stock products separately when they arrive in our warehouse.


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Ordering by Mail or Fax

If you'd like to use your credit card but don't feel comfortable putting your details in on the internet then you have the option to print out a secure order form here and mail or fax your order to us. Be sure to completely fill out the form and mail it to us at:

Att: Orders
PO Box 1749
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Or fax it to us on: +61 2 9956 7044

Please be aware that orders sent in this manner will take longer for you to receive.

Verification - Often as part of the check-out process, we will ask you to verify certain information to ensure that you are the authorized holder of the credit card which is being used to purchase the products from dvdorchard. This procedure is designed to protect you against the fraudulent use of your credit card. If you receive a message indicating that there is a verification error, please carefully recheck the information you have entered to make sure it conforms to the requested information. If you continue to experience a problem, please email us here .

Thanks for visiting


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