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Are your kids always asking you when they can watch their favourite movie that was just in the cinema? Want to be the first to get your hands on that Family DVD when it is released? Now you can do that by keeping an eye on our Family DVD Coming Soon section to preorder the titles that will be released soon. It’s the easiest way to access entertainment for the whole family! By preordering the family DVDs that are coming out soon, you can be assured that you will be the first to receive it when the DVD is released. At dvdorchard we are constantly updating our catalogue and we will let you know what’s coming out next!

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Hope you are enjoying going through all the family friendly titles that will be out soon. If your favourite family DVD is not available, please come back regularly to check on what is coming out soon. Our distribution centre always has an influx of new releases that will be a treat for the whole family. From Pixar to Disney, the Family DVD Coming Soon page is where you will find all the upcoming releases that the whole family can enjoy! At dvdorchard, we believe that information should be put out there for everyone to make an informed decision about their family entertainment. So heads up! This is what’s going to come out soon on DVD!