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Our Customer Care and Help FAQ pages are designed to provide answers to most of your questions about dvdorchard. Please review these pages for the answer to your query prior to initiating any contact with our staff over email or the telphone. Please note some important points as follows:

  • Our first priority is to despatch customer orders so our time on the telephone is scarce.

  • If you don't feel comfortable putting your credit card details on our secure internet site then you may do one of two things:

    (1) Place an order on our website, nominate a manual payment method like Direct Deposit, then telephone us with your credit card details OR

    (2) Print out a secure order form here and mail or fax it to us. Please note that a manual processing fee of $5 applies to all these transactions, and no Orchard Points are awarded. Be sure to completely fill out the form and mail it to us at:

    Att: Orders
    PO Box 2097
    Redcliffe North QLD 4020

    Please be aware that orders sent in this manner will take longer for you to receive.

    If you don't believe the internet is safe then please read this Australian publication written by the National Office For The Information Economy.

  • The information/images we display on products listed on our website is all the information we have - be assured that when we have more up-to-date information, eg. Release Dates etc, we will update the website immediately (it's in our best interests to do so !!).

  • Please use the Wishlist Email facility or place an order for a given item to keep yourself abreast of release date/stock status changes - unfortunately time constraints mean that we don't have the facility to advise you on such matters individually.

  • If an item is not listed on our website then we have no information on that item, and can neither supply it to you nor suggest where you can get it. There are thousands of titles available elsewhere in the world that are not available in Australia - whether they are available in Australia in the future is likely to be a business decision for individual distributors ie. Paramount, Roadshow, 20th Century Fox etc, and as such queries on these matters should be addressed to those organisations.

  • Our business is not situated in a place convenient to accept visitors so, sorry, you can't pick up your goods from us. It is however a regulatory requirement that we list our business address - it is Ground Floor, Heritage Court, Newport QLD 4020.

    If after reviewing this information you still have a question, or have some feedback to offer, you may do so below, and we'll be glad to assist you. In all correspondence, please be sure to clearly identify yourself with your full name and email address. Any queries relating to existing orders must also include an order number.

    If you have a problem with something then it's likely it has a quick solution - drop us a line and we'll deal with it quickly.

    To help us to respond to you more quickly, please include the following information:

    For order-related questions, please provide:

    Order number
    Order date
    Your account name (email address)
    Your name

    For account-related questions, please provide:

    Your account name (email address)
    Your name

    For site problems, please provide:

    The URL you are using to access our site
    The text of any error message you received
    The steps you took that resulted in an error

    You can contact us by either email, postal mail, fax, or by completing the form below:

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    General queries or feedback: 

    Business development relationships: 

    Postal mail:


    Attn: Customer Service
    PO Box 2097
    Redcliffe North QLD 4020

    Phone or Fax (during Australian business hours):

    Phone: 1800 655 536

    Fax: +61 7 3203 6999

    Complete this form:

    If you have a query regarding our website, our service, or the products we list for sale please contact us using the form below.

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