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This page provides a wealth of information about our shipping methods and policies. The page is split up into three areas:

  • General Stock/Product Shipment policies for all customers

  • Info for shipping goods within Australia
  • Info for shipping goods OUTSIDE of Australia

    There is a shipping calculator available for a quick estimate of shipping costs - click the appropriate link to jump straight there:

  • Australian Shipping Calculator
  • International Shipping Calculator



    Our objective in setting our shipping rates is solely to recover the costs imposed by the various carriers and recoup the costs of packaging required to get your order to you in one piece. From time to time these costs are varied, and our shipping charges will vary accordingly.

    The following are general rules to apply if you are waiting for a shipment:

    The availability of items is indicated on most product lists and also on the detail page of each item. This is a good indication as to when you can expect an item to be shipped. If your order is for all In Stock items we will charge your card immediately on order to secure the stock for you. For other orders your credit card is not generally charged until the time of shipment*. Please also keep in mind that we can only ship Monday to Friday and are unable to ship on local public holidays (we are situated in Sydney, Australia). * We reserve the right to charge up front for large and/or games orders prior to securing and/or allocating stock to an order.

    Orders for items showing as IN STOCK are generally shipped within 1-2 business days depending on the location of stock. Please keep in mind that in busy periods like Christmas everything tends to slow down, allow a couple of days leeway.

    Orders for items that show as being OUT OF STOCK require despatch from a distributor and ship subject to the distributors stock situation and our ordering routine, generally between 3 - 21 days. Games and imported music titles may take longer - we will advise you in our regular weekly email if we are aware of a re-stocking date.

    Orders for items not yet released (PRE-ORDERS) ship either within 2 to 3 business days of request or on the official release date, whichever is the latter. If you place an order for a soon to be released item prior to the release date we will endeavour to have it shipped to you by or on the release date. Generally speaking, we will require about a weeks notice prior to release to ensure we can source the product and ship it to you - distributors require advance orders on New Release stock so preorder as early as possible to avoid shipping delay.

    Games equipment and merchandise / Large Boxsets - the large and expensive stuff incurs a $12 surcharge for every 2 of these items purchased. These charges cater for the fact that such items are bulky and generally more expensive and difficult to ship securely. At no time will you receive free shipping when such items are involved. Any rates or estimates quoted on this page are exclusive of this charge.

    Items in excess of 1 standard DVD case depth - Such items are classed as parcels by Australia Post and are therefore charged accordingly. Whilst a low Parcel Post rate of $3.60 exists for the shipment of a single sized DVD case item, any package of either a larger or multiple items will default to the flat rate for the postage method selected - $7.95 for Parcel Post (with tracking) or $9.95 Express Post. Free shipping (PreOrders) is also not applicable to items larger than a standard DVD case.

    Packaging Rules - Our prices include packaging as follows:

  • Australia Post Parcel Post - Padded Bag for items 1 standard DVD case thick, Cardboard wrapped envelope for 2 standard sized DVDs, Parcel Post Plus satchel with bubble-wrap for 3 + standard DVD case thickness.
  • Australia Post Express Post - Cardboard wrapped in envelope for 1 or 2 single sized DVD case items, Satchel with bubble-wrap otherwise.
  • Couriers - Satchel with bubble-wrap for small shipments, Cardboard QikPak or void filled box for larger orders.
  • International Mail - Cardboard QikPak or void filled cardboard box for all orders.
  • We value your goods and want to ensure they get to you in one piece. As such, your order is packaged according to it's contents as above by whichever method is most practical and cost-effective according to the number of items, type of products ordered.

    We ship items in good faith and rely on the honesty and integrity of our various carriers to deliver the goods to you as addressed. As a general rule, dvdorchard will not be held responsible for shipments that go missing or items that go missing from shipments. At our sole discretion, depending on the shipping destination and your history with dvdorchard, we would however hope to be able to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution to any such situation. Note also that we reserve the right to upgrade your chosen shipping method at no extra cost to you for reasons of safety and/or practicality.

    We will always keep you informed of the status of your order. After you submit your order, you will receive at least 2 emails, 1 to confirm that we have received your order and another to confirm that we have shipped your order, or part thereof. At any time after you place an order you can monitor the status of your order, and the individual order items, on our View Orders and View Order Details pages.

    In the event that your order remains outstanding for an extended period, you will appreciate our weekly Pending Order Status updates. These emails serve to provide a quick reminder as to your orders in progress and will keep you up-to-date on the status of the order(s) along with release date and price changes if applicable.

    We collect (and remit to the Australian Taxation Office) a 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST) on all orders shipped to an address within Australia or it's territories. All prices on this website are inclusive of GST UNLESS you are logged in, and are an international customer, in which case GST exclusive prices are shown.

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    How We Ship

    Express Post parcel logo    Parcel Post logo    Fastway Couriers logo   

    Click HERE to check Australia Post transit time from our postcode to yours.

    Our preferred methods of delivery are Australia Post Registered Post and Express Post , as both of these options offer some security. Without a means to track a parcel Australia Post can never be held ultimately responsible. Post Office boxes are encouraged for non courier orders to ensure safe delivery. Unit block addresses are discouraged as experience shows them to be the most risky shipping addresses.

    The Express Post Network which applies for packages we despatch (from Redcliffe North QLD 4020) is available HERE.

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    Regardless of how many deliveries we need to make to fulfill your order of IN STOCK / OUT OF STOCK items we will charge you a delivery fee for each delivery. Request only ONE shipment at checkout to ensure delivery costs are kept at a minimum. If you want IN STOCK and ON ORDER / ORDER BY REQUEST items to ship as they become available then you should place separate orders - i.e. the IN STOCK items on one order to ship together and the ON ORDER / ORDER BY REQUEST items on another order to ship together.

    If you combine IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK items with PRE-ORDER items in the same order then that will generally mean at least two shipments and you will charged for shipping as follows:

    If you choose non-registered Parcel Post as your shipping method, then non budget single DVD case sized PRE-ORDERs ship FREE and you will be charged delivery based on the number of IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK items only.

    If you choose any other shipping method then you have two options.

    (1) You can choose to SHIP ONLY ONCE - we wait until we have all your stock and then ship once - you are charged delivery based on the total number of IN STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, and PRE-ORDER items combined.

    (2) You can choose to SHIP MANY times. We will ship IN STOCK and ON ORDER / OUT OF STOCK items together and for each delivery you will be charged a delivery fee based on the number of IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK items being shipped. PRE-ORDER items will be shipped as available and you will be charged the appropriate cost for shipping ONE item for each PRE-ORDER. So if you order 2 IN STOCK items and 2 PRE-ORDERS you can expect to be quoted a shipping charge for 2 items + 1 item + 1 item. Note that if these items all shipped together you would be charged (as opposed to what we quoted) one delivery fee for 4 items, or if the 2 preorders ship together you will be charged one delivery fee for 2 items.

    Australia Post delivers domestically Monday-Friday. Deliveries usually occur within 1-7 business days of shipment.

    Here you can calculate an approximate delivery cost for items that have been released, ie. Items that are not considered as PRE-ORDERs from a free shipping point of view (GST inclusive). The final delivery cost calculation is done at checkout. The price covers delivery, packaging and labour.

    No Of Items Shipping Type Cost Estimate
    (one shipment only)
    Calculate Shipping Cost

    1 If you'd like to ensure the fastest possible delivery, select Express Post at time of checkout. We will ship your order using Australia Post Express Post. When lodged at any Post Office in the next-business-day network by the required time, you are guaranteed delivery over those specified routes the next business day (lodgement postcode will be 4020).

    2 If you have ordered post release items and selected the Express Post option, then any pre-ordered items will be assumed to be also Express Post items. The new release pre-orders will count as additional shipments and be charged accordingly on the per item method above. If you want post release items shipped Express Post but would prefer to take advantage of our free shipping for new release single disc pre-orders and have them shipped Parcel Post, then please submit a separate order for these items.


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    For purchases made from some international locations we may, at our discretion, request a copy of your credit card statement and credit card to (a) prove your identity and (b) prove that you own the credit card. Please accept that we need to take these steps as fraud-prevention measures.

    Your signature may be required to confirm receipt and acceptance of deliveries. Your daytime contact phone number will be included where possible so as local delivery people can contact you if necessary.

    International customers may choose only the SHIP ONLY ONCE option - we wait until we have all your stock and then ship once - you are charged delivery based on the total number of IN STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, and PRE-ORDER / RUMOUR discs combined. To order multiple items of differing stock availability, and have them ship as they become available, please submit separate orders.

    Regardless of the normal delivery time for international orders, it is not unusual for such mail to be delayed given the security concerns in our world at the moment. There are numerous reasons for delays as well as possible delay in customs. dvdorchard must allow at least 30 days after time of despatch before we can request an investigation by the postal carrier for any late delivery.

    International shipping charges for DVDs and CDs are calculated per disc, rather than per item. However, the number of discs used for freight purposes is not necessarily equal to the number of actual discs. For example, most 2 disc Special Editions are still classed as one disc - it's when the packaging starts becoming bigger that the prices increase. Most 7 disc box sets (X-Files for example) are charged as 4 discs.

    If you are logged in as an International customer then you will be able to see how many discs are used for freight purposes on the Product detail page. This figure is shown beneath the Number Of Discs.

    International shipping prices are quoted at checkout - this is PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR ORDER - so please feel free to check as many options as you like before committing yourself. Orders of 20 or more items will be provided with an estimated delivery cost which will be clarified based on weight/volume at time of shipment of goods if the quoted amount is not sufficient to cover our costs.

    dvdorchard does not charge any customs duties on International shipments. If any additional customs charges are incurred during your shipment, they are not calculated or monitored by us nor are they our responsibility.

    While we do not expect that there will be any additional charges attached to your order, we recommend that you check with your local customs officials or post office for more information regarding importation taxes/duties that may be applicable to your on-line order. dvdorchard cannot be held responsible for international taxes or levies charged for your order.

    YOU are responsible for ensuring that the content of your order meets all censorship requirements in your country and dvdorchard cannot be held responsible for confiscated packages.

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    How We Ship

    We have a number of shipping methods. The most economical method of delivery is International Mail. We ship international mail using the Quantium GlobalMail service. The carrier ships mail to your country in bulk, generally via Singapore, and it is then entered into your local postal system and delivered accordingly. Items are always registered so require a signature on receipt.

    International Mail

    For International Mail services we offer non-insured services and insured services. The shipping rates below reflect this method of shipment.

    International Mail deliveries usually occur within 7-10 days of shipment for New Zealand purchases and 30 days of shipment for purchases to other parts of the world.

    In addition to International Mail we also also an international courier option:

    UPS Express Saver

    UPS Global Couriers

    UPS Express Saver door-to-door delivery. UPS delivers parcels throughout the world. This service is for packages up to a maximum of 30kg per piece, although we may send multiple pieces on one consignment note, provided no single piece exceeds 30kg.

    Deliveries take place next business day to New Zealand, generally 1-3 Business Days to Asia-Pacific and 2-4 days to the rest of the world.

    The UPS website - http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=en_AU&WT.svl=PNRO_L1 - provides you with the ability to track your parcels using the consignment number we will provide you with after the parcel is shipped. This number will be emailed to you and available on our View Orders screen.

    A calculator to estimate our Delivery Costs for a delivery of a SINGLE DVD, exclusive of GST and Insurance and inclusive of delivery, packaging, labour is below. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD$)

    For conversion to your local currency check

    Items that contain more than two discs are charged according to weight - a 4 disc boxset as an example is likely the equivalent of 3 items for use in the calculator below. This calculator is for reference purposes only, the final calculation is made at checkout (before you complete the order).

    No. of items Shipping Type Country we will ship to Cost Estimate (one shipment)
    Calculate Shipping Cost

    The additional insurance costs that would apply in addition to an Insured International Mail delivery are as follows:

    $8.00 - for an order containing stock valued up to AUD$100
    $10.10 - for an order containing stock valued up to AUD$200
    $2.10 - additional for each $100 stock value or part thereof

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