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Here's a comprehensive guide to dvdorchard® Frequently Asked Questions and buying products from us:

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For a fast easy way to use this page use the text search facility of your browser to search this page for the subject you are interested in - e.g. use CTRL-F in Internet Explorer.

Our systems are designed to inform you of every necessary piece of information you need to make an informed purchase. In our attempt to try and address your every query, this page is full of links to useful information about dvdorchard, our products, dvd's in general, and how best to shop at and use our site. If you can't find it here then, well ... I'll be stunned, and you should Contact Us. These FAQ's are supplemented with new questions as they arise.

Please note that the information/images we display on products listed on our website is all the information we have - be assured that when we have more up-to-date information, eg. Release Dates etc, we will update the website immediately. Use the Wishlist Email facility or place an order for a given item to keep yourself abreast of such changes - unfortunately we don't have the facility to advise you on such matters individually.

Please also note that if an item is not listed on our website then we have no information on that item, and can neither supply it to you nor suggest where you can get it. There are thousands of titles available elsewhere in the world that are not available in Australia - whether they are available in Australia in the future is likely to be a business decision for individual distributors , ie. Paramount, Roadshow, Fox etc, and as such queries on these matters should be addressed to distributors accordingly.

If after reviewing this information you still have a question, or have some feedback to offer, please Contact Us.


Q: Is your website secure ? Do you look after my personal and credit card details to ensure nobody else can get their hands on them ?
A: Any pages on our site that collect personal or credit card info are fully secure. To learn more about how we protect your information, please review the Protecting Your Information section of our Privacy Policy.

Our secure pages are being secured by a Comodo 128 bit SSL Certificate to ensure secure transmission of your information. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. When you are on a secure page you will see a small padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. Click on the padlock to confirm the currency of the digital certificate. Our website supports 128 bit encryption as long as you are running a 128-bit enabled browser. IF YOU ARE VIEWING THE PAGE IN A FRAME, ie. the page is being framed by a referring site, then you may not see the padlock - the page is however secure. To alleviate any doubt please simply visit the dvdorchard site directly rather than clicking thorough from another site - all your details, wishlist and shopping basket contents will still be here.

The dvdorchard site uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety and security of your personal information. All user information is contained behind secured networks and is accessible only by the proprietor of dvdorchard and a limited number of employees who have agreed to comply with all of our privacy and security policies. Passwords and credit card numbers are encrypted in our secure database, which is also located behind secured networks.

Q: Is it safe to shop on the Internet ?
A: Yes, and consumers are always protected. dvdorchard is a completely secure Web site. We can't control your user environment, but we can assure you that from our end, it's all under control. To learn more about our security procedures, please see the Security section of Our Policies.

To learn more about the safety of the internet and online purchasing in general, read this document, an Australian publication by the National Office For The Information Economy.

If you still don't feel comfortable putting your details in on our secure internet site then you have the option to print out a secure order form here and mail or fax your order to us. Please note that a manual processing fee of $5 applies to all these transactions, and no Orchard Points are awarded. Be sure to completely fill out the form and mail it to us at:

Att: Orders
PO Box 2097
Redcliffe North QLD 4020

Or fax it to us on: +61 7 3203 6999

Please be aware that orders sent in this manner will take longer for you to receive.


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Q: How do I make changes to my order once I've completed the check-out process ?
A: There are different options depending on the type of changes required:

  • Name/Address changes - to check and/or amend your contact info click on the Your Details link off the top menu.
  • Third Party Address changes - click on the My Orders link off our top menu and then click on the View/Update Card/Address Details link for the order concerned.
  • Payment/Credit Card Detail changes - click on the My Orders link off our top menu and then click on the View/Update Card/Address Details link for the order concerned.
  • Any other changes - Send an email to us here   stating your request and where possible (if the order hasn't already been processed) your alterations will be made.

    Q: What if I haven't received my order after the average shipping time period has passed ?

  • A: Australian deliveries - You have up to 30 days from the shipping date to notify us about the missing package.
  • A: International deliveries - You have up to 60 days from the shipping date to advise us about the missing package.

    For shipping problems, please contact us by e-mail here  .

    Q: I placed an order recently but haven't yet received an email confirming the order. Was the order successful ?
    A: Generally speaking, if you haven't received an email the order is unlikely to have been lodged. You can check however via the My Orders link on our top menu - Log in first and then check. If you see the order listed then you can expect to receive the email in due course. If the order is not listed then please try again.

    Q: I ordered a DVD about two months ago now and I was just wondering if it may be arriving in the near future ? Is it possible to let me know at what stage the order is at and when I can expect the DVD ?
    A: You may check the status of an order anytime using the My Orders link on our top menu. Keep an eye on the weekly "Pending Order Status Update" emails that we send you if you have a pending order.  When we are aware of a release date for a PreOrder or Rumoured item the email will show the date instead of "TBA" (To Be Advised). Some stock is hard to get from suppliers, out of print etc. Rest assured, we are doing our best to get the stock for you as soon as possible. If we can't get it to you within an acceptable timeframe please simply cancel the order but be aware a cancellation fee may apply if you require a refund rather than a store credit.

    A: It's in our best interests to get stock out to you as soon as possible. However, some stock is hard to get from suppliers, items go out of print etc. Rest assured, we are doing our best to get the stock for you as soon as possible. If however we can't get it to you within an acceptable timeframe (to you) please simply cancel the order but be aware a cancellation fee may apply if you require a refund rather than a store credit.

    Q: I was wondering if there were any plans for releasing Season X on DVD now that Season Y has been released ?
    A: DVDs are generally released in stages, not unlike books. Also of consideration are TV rights, rental "windows" (a few months where the item is available for rental only prior to retail release), future sequel releases etc.  So Season X, and further seasons, will happen in due course at such time as the distributor is able to release it.

    Q: Are you able to order in to meet specific requests? ie. If there is a DVD that we want but you don't list are we able to order it through you?
    A: We list on our site all items for which we have arrangements with distributors to retail. Unfortunately we are not in a position to assist with any items not listed on our site.

    Q: Can I PreOrder an item but not pay for it until it ships in a few months ?
    A: Certainly - providing you use a credit card*. By any other payment method however we will require payment up front.

    *Our normal policy for most products is that your credit card will not be charged until the product is shipped to you. In the case of large purchases, international purchases, or purchases of games and/or gaming accessories, we reserve the right to debit your card up front to prove your intent to pay. In the event you or we cancel the order in full or part after that time the payment will be credited back to your card within 7 days.

    Q: How long will it take to receive my order ?
    A: Please review our detailed shipping information page.

    Q: How do I purchase an item without paying for everything already showing in my shopping basket ?
    A: Simply remove (or move to the Wishlist) the items you don't wish to purchase now - there are instructions on the shopping basket screen to do this.

    Q: Do you ship to ....... ?
    A: We ship to most countries in the world. Those that we don't ship to are as follows:

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Cuba
  • Ghana
  • Greece
  • Guyana
  • Haiti
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Morocco
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • Reunion
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Slovenia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam
  • West Bank
  • Yemen
  • Yugoslavia

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    Payments/Credit Cards/BPAY®

    Q: What forms of payment does dvdorchard accept ?
    A: In addition to Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club, dvdorchard also accepts
    BPAY®, direct deposit to our bank account and Australian Money Orders. We don't accept cheques due to the processing fees imposed on us by our bank.

    BPAY® payments can be made from your savings or cheque account through your participating financial institution. Submit your order selecting the BPAY® option. We will then advise the Biller Code (44149) and the individual Customer Reference No. that you require to make the payment both on the acknowledgement screen following your placement of an order AND in your acknowledgement email received following placement of an order. Note that the Customer Reference No. is individual to EACH ORDER and cannot be re-used.

    Direct Deposit to our account is available and encouraged - our bank details will be advised to you in your order confirmation. They are also as follows:

    When you make a deposit please use your order number as the reference so as we can relate the payment to your order.

    Bank - ANZ
    Branch - Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia
    A/C Name - dvdorchard Pty Ltd
    A/C No. - 494682231
    BSB No. - 012352

    International customers may require our SWIFT code - ANZBAU3M

    To pay by Money Order either complete the order online or click here for an order form to complete and then mail or fax it to us within 7 business days as follows:

    Attn: Orders Department
    PO Box 2097
    Redcliffe North QLD 4020

    Fax - +61 7 3203 6999

    Note that goods can't be shipped until your payment has been cleared by our bank.

    Q: When will you charge my credit card ?
    A: If all the items you order are In Stock, we will charge your card at the time you place the order. Otherwise, we won't generally charge until we ship your item(s). Our normal policy for most products is that your credit card will not be charged until the product is shipped to you. In the case of large purchases, international purchases, or purchases of games and/or gaming accessories, we reserve the right to debit your card up front to prove your intent to pay. In the event we cancel the order in full or part after that time the payment will be credited back to your card within 7 days.

    Q: I tried to place an order with your company but kept getting credit card number error even though the number I submitted was correct with no spaces etc and I also included on the appropriate line my 3 digit verification number. As my card number is correct are you having problems with credit cards ?
    A: Our credit card verification systems are Javascript based and test validity of numbers only, not the validity of transactions, ie. we don't do real-time processing. Our site is designed to work best with, and tested on, Internet Explorer. In the past, credit card problems of this type are generally found when using other browsers. If you are unable to place the order with your credit card number then please select the Direct Deposit option instead of Credit Card at checkout time and ring through your card details.

    Q: Why must I make BPAY® and direct deposit payments within 3 business days ?
    A: For two main reasons; Firstly, there is a high administrative cost dealing with such payments. Secondly, in many cases we are holding stock for you that we are unable to sell to other customers. If you place an order now using these payment methods please be prepared to pay for it immediately - it's not a layby system.

    Q: What is the procedure for verifying credit cards?
    A: We may confirm your billing address with your bank. At any time that you make a purchase we reserve the right to request a copy of your most recent credit card billing statement and a photocopy of your credit card for verification. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, but this procedure exists strictly to protect you. We will obtain authorisation from your credit card provider for all transactions.


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    Q: What if I receive a product which is defective ?
    A: We'll gladly replace a defective item and will pay the return and replacement shipping costs. Please see our Return Policy for further information.

    Q: How do I cancel my order, or an item in an order ?
    A: Log on to our site and then click on the My Orders link on the top menu. If an order is yet to be Shipped you will be able to click on the Cancel link on the right hand side. Alternatively, click on the order number to display the individual items within the order and cancel one or more individually. Please be aware a cancellation fee may apply if you require a refund for the cancelled item.

    Q: I placed an order, paid for it by BPAY® and then later you cancelled the order. I was just wondering when this money is going to refunded?
    A: When we cancel an order that you've paid for, the full amount paid is credited to your dvdorchard account. We don't ever have your bank account details, and we don't operate like a bank. If you would like the money refunded we can do so however we will need your bank details (BSB, Account No. and Name)- No cheques or Money Orders will be drawn.  Alternatively, you may leave the money on the dvdorchard account to offset a future purchase automatically at checkout.


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    Schools/TAFE's/Colleges etc

    Q: Do you cater for schools and educational institutions / Do you accept Purchase Orders ?
    A: dvdorchard provides a comprehensive range of titles suitable for all Educational institutions.

    Generally speaking we require payment prior to despatch of any goods. We accept a variety of payment methods: credit card, cheque and bank deposit/transfer being those most suitable for Educational institutions. We do however have a 14 day account facility available for regular purchasors placing daily to weekly orders - if after using our services for 30 days you believe this may be of use to you email us for further information at

    How to order:
    Our checkout system allows the entry of a Purchase Order number and an ABN number. At time of checkout enter this information if appropriate and your order acknowledgement email will take the form of a tax invoice, suitable for printing off and passing on to your Accounts area for payment.

    Payment Timeframe:
    If using any form of payment other than credit card our system considers a payment overdue 4 days after placement of an order. We do recognise that Educational institutions often have a few more hoops to jump through in order to pay their bills. As such, consider our Payment Reminders as exactly that - disregard the usual comments regarding the potential for cancellation of an order after x number of days etc.


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    Gift Services

    Q: What services do you provide for the sending of gifts ?
    A: At dvdorchard we offer a range of gift services including wrapping, a personalised card, vouchers, and boxes. We can also send your package directly to the recipient to save you double postage. Our range of gift wrapping is suitable for all occasions, with quite a number of papers tailored especially for our most traditional gift-giving event, Christmas.

  • If you have a last minute gift requirement, click HERE for items that ship SAME BUSINESS DAY, if ordered and paid for by 4pm QLD time.

  • Otherwise, if you have a specific need to have an order delivered by a particular date let us know by email and we'll help where possible - try to focus on items that are in stock as we can generally get them out the door the next business day if ordered by 1pm QLD time.

  • Check out our range of everyday and seasonal gift wrapping papers - Make your DVD, Blu Ray, Computer and Video Games selection at checkout and we will wrap your order and send it with a personalised gift message.

    Gold Pearl wrapping paper Silver Pearl wrapping paper Avocado Crush wrapping paper Baroque Blue wrapping paper Kimono Springburst wrapping paper Kimono Sunset wrapping paper Ularu Red Gumleaves wrapping paper Amour wrapping paper Red Metallic wrapping paper Circus 4 Us wrapping paper
    Xmas Holly Gifts Of Love Xmas wrapping paper Santas Coming Xmas wrapping paper Starlite Aubergine Xmas wrapping paper Bauballing Avocado Xmas wrapping paper Mod Trees Red Green Gold Xmas wrapping paper Bauballing Red Gold Xmas wrapping paper Red Nosed Reindeer Xmas wrapping paper Sparkling Baubles Pink Xmas wrapping paper Xmas Holly
    You may either have the package posted to yourself using the normal Billing or Shipping Address area, or you may complete the Third Party Address area at checkout and we will post it directly to the recipient (without an invoice).


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    Third Party Address/Drop Shipping

    Q: How do I send an order to a person other than myself ?
    A: The checkout page has three address sections:

  • The first section is for your normal billing/shipping address and the second is for your shipping address in the event that it differs to your billing address, eg. you have a different postal address to your home address. Changes made to either of these first two address sections affect ALL your orders so changes made at any time, either at checkout or via the My Account page, will affect any unshipped orders.

  • The third address section is entitled Third Party Address - use this address section if you want to either send an order to a different person, or send it to yourself at a special address, eg. where you are staying on holiday or similar. NOTE - this address section is relevant ONLY to this order.

    Q: Do you do drop-shipping ?
    A: Yes, we will send an order to whomever you request we send it to.

    How do you do it ? The checkout page has three address sections. The first two sections are for YOUR normal billing and shipping addresses. The third address section entitled Third Party Address is the section to use if you want to send an order to a different person. NOTE - this address section is relevant ONLY to this order. If drop-shipping you may also choose to uncheck the box on the checkout page that tells us whether to include an invoice with the delivery.


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    Your Account Information (Name & Address, Preferences etc)

    Q: How can I change my name, address, email address (account name) or other personal account information ?
    A: You can change this information by visiting the My Account page after logging in. Note that changing your email address (your account name) will update all our records, including all existing orders, Newsletters etc.


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    Newsletter/Special Offers

    Q: How do I subscribe to the dvdorchard Newsletter and/or Special Offers ?
    A: To subscribe to our newsletter and/or special offers simply create an account here.

    Q: How do I unsubscribe to the dvdorchard Newsletter and/or Special Offers ?
    A: To unsubscribe amend your Newsletter Preferences via the My Account page here and you will be removed from the selected mailing list(s).


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    Q: Do you have a storefront that is local as we would like to visit ?
    A: Sorry, at this stage we have a presence on the internet only and our premises are warehouse-like and not suitable for visitors.

    Q: I have been waiting for months for an item to be released. It is already out in the US (or is being released on xx date), when is it going to be available in Australia?
    A: The moment we are aware of a release date for an item we update our website. There are thousands of titles released overseas and not available in Australia. Release dates for most items differ around the world. is a good reference for US releases, not Australian releases.

    Q: I am a UK customer. Please note that I require only Region 2 DVDS.
    A: We sell only a single version of each item with Region coding as indicated on our detail page. If we show an item with Region 2 and 4 coding then it means that there is 1 item that will work in both regions, not a separate disc for each region. You need to check that the items you are purchasing will suit your needs.

    Q: I've desperately been looking for the xxxxxxx on DVD.  I can only seem to find it on American sites.  Can you help me with obtaining a copy in Australia ?
    A: Unfortunately not. We can only help with items listed on our website. There are many thousands of titles that are unavailable in Australia but available overseas.

    Q: You list title xxxxxxx as being out of stock (or on Preorder or Rumour).  Can you let me know when you have it in stock please ?
    A: Please add the item to your Wishlist and then request a Status Email - see instructions on the Wishlist screen. The moment the status changes we will automatically send you an email advising you of the status, price and availability etc. Alternatively, you can simply order it now and we'll send it to you as soon as we get it in stock.

    Q: I have had problems before with my ISP caching sites that they are not really meant to eg, forum logins etc.  My problem is when I visited your site I had an item in my shopping basket waiting for me to order, although I didn't try to search for this product, or add it to my shopping basket.  I feel that there could be a security problem with leaving cookies behind at the end of the visit, especially if your site uses IP address to verify who the user is to establish a profile.
    A: At no time is any personal info available through this cookie/IP Address matching process - so your security is assured. These types of things are our efforts to try and provide Customer Service, which it is in 99% of cases, whilst not perfect in certain circumstances - but at the end of the day easily fixed by one click in the Shopping Basket without a security risk.

    If anyone visits our site and adds something to the Shopping Basket/Wishlist then a cookie is added to the machine containing an account number.  If that person actually created and/or logged in to an existing account with us then the account number saved would be their own account number.  If not, a temporary account number would be used. If at anytime somebody visited our site and had either (a) a Temporary account number stored in a cookie OR (b) we found any items in the Shopping Basket/Wishlist matching their IP Address under another Temporary account number, then all of that info would be transferred to the previous account number.


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