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Another Blu Ray Dvd on Blu Ray + DVD

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This item includes/included one or more DVDs at the time of initial production

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Denying Death Is a High Stakes Game. In 1972 Misaki suddenly passed away. The students death was so unexpected that the classmates and teacher had decided to pretend the incident never happened, allowing for Misaki to continue attending class and graduate with them. But in doing so they had unwittingly set a curse upon the school. 26 years later, Kouichi Sakakibara transferred into the very same class and it is clear something is amiss. A tense atmosphere has engulfed them and the answer may lie in the hands of an aloof classmate who no one appears to be aware of.

Release Date: 23/2/2017  
Production Year:
Made In: Japan
Genre: Anime
Rating: MA15+ - Mature Restricted
Strong supernatural themes and animated violence
Region(s): Region B title - covers Australia, New Zealand (Oceania), Europe, Middle East and Africa
Director(s): Tsutomu Mizushima
Writer(s): |
Producer(s): Eriko Aoki
Language(s): Japanese
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment
Number of Discs: 2
Discs for freight charge if shipped outside of Australia: 2
Running Time: 286 minutes
Barcode/EAN: 9346315016338
Subtitles: English

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