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The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift on Blu Ray + DC

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Sean Boswell (Black) is an outsider who attempts to define himself as a hot-headed underdog street racer. Although racing provides a temporary escape from an unhappy home and the superficial world around him it has also made Sean unpopular with the local authorities. To avoid jail time Sean is sent to live with his gruff estranged father stationed in Tokyo. Now officially a gaijin (outsider) Sean feels even more shut out in a land of foreign customs and codes of honour. but if doesnt take long for him to find some action when a fellow American buddy Twinkie (Bow Wow) introduces him to the underground world of drift racing. Seans simple drag racing gets replaced by a rubber-burning automotive art form - with an exhilarating balance of speeding & gliding through a heart-stopping course of hairpin turns and switchbacks. On his first time out drifting Sean unknowingly takes on D.K. the Drift King (Tee) a local champ with ties to the Japanese crime machine Yakuza. Seans loss comes at a high price tag when hes forced to work off the debt under the thumb of ex-pat Han (Kang). Haan soon welcomes Sean into this family of misfits and introduces him to the real principles of drifting. But when Sean falls for D.K.s girlfriend Neela (Kelley) an explosive series of events is set into motion climaxing with the ultimate high stakes face off.


deleted scenes
feature commentary with Director Justin Lin
making of the Fast Franchises
Drift: A sideways craze
drifting school
Cast cam
The real Drift King
The Japanese Way
Music Videos
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Release Date: 30/3/2011  
Production Year:
Genre: Action
Rating: M15+ - Mature
violence and coarse language
Region(s): Region B title - covers Australia, New Zealand (Oceania), Europe, Middle East and Africa
Resolution: 1080p High Definition
Actor(s)/Artist(s): Lucas Black | Bow Wow
Director(s): Justin Lin
Language(s): French
Castilian Spanish
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 dts-HD
Dolby Digital 5.1 DTS HD
Distributor: Universal Sony Pictures
Number of Discs: 1
Discs for freight charge if shipped outside of Australia: 1
Running Time: 101 minutes
Barcode/EAN: 5050582827378
Subtitles: Danish
English Captions
Castilian Spanish

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